Can I Do A Course Instead Of Getting Penalty Points



I have been sent a letter for speeding, I don’t have any points but started a new job in which I need to drive in excess of 40,000 miles a year in my 3rd month of starting.

I got this letter doing 61 in a 50 on a motorway in a company car (other people can drive) this was average speed cameras at road works (not that there was any there) how can I stop the penalty points, driving course? request a photo? anything to help avoid?

Dominic Says:

If you don’t accept that you were the driver then you need to out forward the names of all the potential drivers and show that you have used reasonable diligence to figure out who was driving at the time, otherwise you risk even more (6) penalty points for failing to name the driver.

If there is no realistic alternative then you will find it very difficult to defend this matter.

I’m afraid that they are unlikely to offer the speed awareness course for that speed.

Have you got an points on your licence already? If do, how many?

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