Can I Mitigate Drug Driving Ban With A Larger Fine?


I need to be able to drive for my work and to support my family. I’ve been accused of drug driving. Can I mitigate to avoid a ban by offering to pay a really high financial penalty.

Emma Says:

Unfortunately not. Just the same as drink-driving offences if convicted and if there are no special reasons (for example you were driving in the context of an emergency or your drinks were laced) then you have to be disqualified for a minimum period of 12 months. For a second drug/drink driving offence within three years the minimum ban goes up to 3 years.

You cannot avoid disqualification by simply mitigating in relation to your personal circumstances. You can however reduce the disqualification by pleading guilty at the earliest opportunity and if you have very strong personal mitigation, but again the minimum ban is 12 months.

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