Clean Driving Licence – Really High Speed


Dear sirs,

I have recently been caught speeding by a temporary camera at the side of the road which looked like it was linked to a van.

The ticket has come through and said I was doing 76mph in a 40mph limit.

I was the one driving and I do admit I was speeding. However I don’t feel I was going that fast. I have looked online and seen that going that speed it will be a case that goes to court and you can be giving a ban which would be a huge hassle if I was to be banned for several reasons.

I have a clean licence and I have never been in trouble with the police.

Is this a case I would be likely to win?

Louise says:

That’s a high speed and you will get a summons to court and you will be at risk of a discretionary ban I’m afraid. The court will expect you to attend because of the risk of disqualification.

Your previous good driving record will help you in your attempt to avoid a ban. We help over 95% of our clients avoid discretionary bans and will be happy to assist.

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