The Company Has Failed To Name Me Twice



I was driving a company car, down the Ax, where the speeds change randomly. I was caught by a camera in a 50mph zone doing 70mph.

The company have responded twice to requests for driver details, each time they say they do not know who the driver was and failed to name me. If we say that a third time, will I get away with it, or is there something else I can do?

Louise Says:

If the company keeps giving this response the company will get summonsed to court and will face a hefty fine. If the failure to provide the information is found to be the fault of an individual member of the company that person will be liable for 6 points and a fine in their own right.

I take it you have a number of points on your licence? You will be at risk of 4-6 for 70 in a 50.

The company will not get away if it failed to name you. You want to be careful that no one is accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice if the police can prove that it was you driving. The company cannot defend failing to name the driver if it is accepted that it was you driving at the time.

The company cannot argue reasonable diligence unless it can show it is reasonable not to have kept a record.

Can you tell me about what your main concern is and then I can see if I can help without you getting yourselves into even more trouble.

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