Cousin From Spain Driving For Two Speeding Tickets


Speeding tickets

I recently gave permission for my female cousin to use my car. I have fully comprehensive insurance & she (as I believe) holds a full driving licence. I have now received 2 speeding tickets on the same day she used the vehicle, however, I am left in the sticky situation as she lives in Spain.

I have made attempts to contact her, but she has not responded. I am able to give her full name & address. Does any of this help me, because I am currently getting into trouble for something I have not done. I have a clean UK license with no points nor convictions. I would greatly appreciate your advice, thank you.

Dominic says:

Be careful. The police are unlikely to believe that your cousin committed two driving offences in a short period of time. If you did not check that she was insured to drive your car you could also be accused of permitting her to drive without insurance which carries 6 points for each offence.

If you name her and the police write to her and she does not respond you will get summonsed for two offences of failing to name the driver – which carry 6 points each.

Are you a new driver? Are you at risk of revocation? Tell me more. You have to be careful because if the police don’t believe you, you could be accused of attempting to pervert the course of justice if they think you are misleading them so be careful.

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