Cut And Dried No Insurance Offence


Good afternoon Emma,

I was driving my sisters car to have it repaired when I was caught in a mobile laser speed trap, although on approach to

the police stop area there is a SID (sign that flashes your speed) which flashed 25mph but they told me I was driving at 42mph.

I gave them (police) all my details and I received the NIP shortly afterwards, however my sister was not notified, although I did

tell her immediately.

I believe the insurance case is cut and dried, I have fully comp and so does my sister but she has only herself as designated driver and my policy, unlike previous insurance (I have 10 years no claim bonus), does not cover me to drive other vehicles.

I have conflicting information regarding who needs to be notified. I do also have good case to argue the speed I was doing, as it was raining and the road they clocked me on is downhill on an S bend.

Paula Says:

If the police stopped you at the scene of the alleged offence then you will have been given a verbal nip at the time. In those circumstances there is no need to send a NIP in the post to the registered keeper I’m afraid.

You have a potential special reasons argument regarding the speed if the flashing sign suggested less than the officers.

You are going to get 6-8 penalty points for the no insurance. You don’t get any separate points for the speeder because the offence happened on the same occasion – so any dispute regarding the speeding offence is probably academic in relation to the points I’m afraid.

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