My Dad Didn’t Get NIP Within 14 Days


I was flashed going through a camera (about 40mph in a 30mph zone) at around 06:00 on a Sunday morning) in my fathers’ car. I spent a nervous 2 weeks worrying about the NIP coming through to my father and was relieved when one didn’t arrive.

However, today, nearly a month since being flashed my father received a NIP reminder letter, but is positive he never received the original. Is there anything that I can do to contest either on the grounds of day/time or that the NIP wasn’t served on time?

Dominic says:

Your father has to name the driver otherwise he gets 6 points and they will already be losing patience because they will take the view he did not respond to the first one.

If your father is the registered keeper of the car you will then have a defence to the speeding allegation (you still have to name yourself as the driver) on the basis that the first NIP was not served within 14 days.

This will be a tricky argument. You will need a statement from your father about the date the NIP arrived and you will have to contest the speeding matter at court.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many?

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