Defective Lights


Hello there, I’ve been summoned to court following a ticket I received a few months back regarding 2 failed brake lights – The punishment is 3 points & £60 fine (but I have decided to take this to court).

I believe points on my licence is too harsh – the car was being borrowed & all the lights were checked at the beginning of the journey – the fault must have occurred whilst driving.

Question is: Will this defence stand up in court?

Your reply is very much appreciated.

Emma Says:

I have almost 20 years experience in road traffic law and win over 95% of the cases that I take on. My team deal with cases like your every day of the week.

I will be happy to assist but my services don’t come cheap. The good news is that if we win you will get at least some if not all of those fees back.

You have a potentially good argument on the face of it in order to try and avoid the points.

Can you tell me exactly what section of the road traffic act you have been summonsed under? It makes a big difference. If we are not able to defend it you may have a special reasons argument and if this fails then you may have an additional argument to avoid the points under a little known section of the road traffic offenders act.

I will be happy to help further. I have tried to call to do a free advice call but couldn’t get through or leave a message.

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