I Didn’t Have Business Insurance


Can you please read below and see if you could help me?

On x, I did a No Left Turn accidentally as my Tom Tom guided incorrectly, this caught the attention of the police and I was stopped, insurance and licence was checked and okay. The officer explained 3 points etc, the officers were rude and unfair.

However the officers asked me “what i was doing the in the city? Where was I going?” I said, I’m a delivery driver, the officer asked have you got a business insurance policy? I said no because I only started the job today it’s a work trial today so I might not even get the job. I genuinely did not know that you need business insurance to work as delivery driver.

They disregarded any statement that I made and did considered any comment that I made. The officers explained I need to pay £200 fine and my car will be seized because I don’t have the correct insurance. I think 6 points. Also I need to produce my documents to police station within 7 days.

In x I collected the car however because I proved that I had insurance I was not required to pay the release fee, while I was there I produced my documents.

The penalty charge paperwork it stated no insurance but I do have insurance the lady at the counter said it might get cancelled if the officer dealing the case agreed, the lady has taken the penalty charge paperwork.

My age is 20 and held driving licence for 18 months, I have been unemployed over 7 months.

I will be subject to the provisions of the New Drivers Act, i don’t want that because I’m looking for employment in transport logistics job sector, therefore having a clean licence is critical, also I am unemployable in any other job sector because I have a stammer, I can’t get good jobs in customer services.

I have a couple of questions;
What is going to happen next what stage i am?
Can drive my car while this process continues?
I am not sure whether the points is on my licence or not?

Louise Says:

If the car belonged to you and you were working at the time of the alleged offence then you will not have a defence to this matter and you maybe better off taking the ticket.

The police are obviously happy that you have social and domestic insurance cover which is why they released the car but the officer that stopped you was correct when he said that you needed business cover.

I’m afraid that you are going to have your licence revoked if you take the ticket because you will have got 6 points within the first two years after passing your test.

The only other option is to take the matter to court and try and persuade the magistrates that there are special reasons for not imposing the points – we may have a chance on this argument as you did have some insurance in place. Alternatively we may be able to persuade the court to give you a short ban rather than the points.

If you would like my help with this matter then please come back to me. The points go on your licence when you accept and pay the fixed penalty and hand in your licence. If you reject it you don’t have any points until the decision is made at court.

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