I Didn’t Know Who Was Driving


The initial NIP did not arrive at my address I did not see the reminder of the NIP until 80 days after the offence on the day of the offence both my wife and myself drove our car several times we were in S. wales sorting out urgent affairs for my 91 year old mother by the time we were made aware of the offence neither of us could work out who was driving.

The requested photo provided no clue ( taken from the rear ) we are both in our late sixty’s with poor memories can I plead not guilty to the charge as I can only guess as to who was driving and I do not want to be accused of perjury

Dominic Says:

You have a defence to this matter and you should not plead guilty.

I can help you with this matter and may be able to get the proceedings withdrawn without the need for a trial. I succeed in doing that in 4 out of every 5 cases that I take on.

You should have a statutory defence on the basis that you didn’t get the original notice soon enough and then you used reasonable diligence to figure out who was driving at the time.

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