I Didn’t Produce My Insurance Certificate


rt88191 no insurance

I had insurance, gave ref no to officer, refused to check as on his own, did not produce docs in 7 days phoned to explain, told would not go any further, now been summoned for no insurance.

What can I do thank you?

Paula Says:

The burden is on you to prove that you have I insurance rather than on the prosecution to prove that you don’t.

I anticipate that you have been summonsed for both failing to produce insurance and failing to have insurance.

The offences are in the alternative. This means that if you can prove that you were insured you will be allowed to plead guilty to the fail to produce charge – which just carries a fine.

If you cannot prove that you have insurance then you will plead guilty to the no insurance charge and they will withdraw the fail to produce – on the basis that you cannot produce what you have not got.

If you have only been charged with the no insurance offence the proceedings will be withdrawn if you can produce your certificate – I will be happy to do this on your behalf and will the get you a defendants costs order for your legal fees.

Come back to me if you would like my help as you are going to be at risk of 6-8 penalty points. Have you got any points already?

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