I Didn’t Sign The s.172 Form


Partner driving car in 30mph zone caught on camera speeding in Sept 09. Letters received while I was away on work abroad requesting I notify police of driver which I could not respond to, eventually did respond providing partners details as the driver, though rejected as I didn’t sign the form.

Eventually summoned to appear before court on 16th march. Did not attend pleaded guilty and given 6 points on my license and fine of £600. Must be paid by 30th march. Is there anything I can do to overturn this? Shouldn’t my partner get points rather than me? Please advise a.s.a.p.

Dominic Says:

I can help you but we would need to act fast.

I have tried to call you to do a free advice call and I have left a message.

Did the police write to your partner asking her to confirm that she was the driver? You should have pleaded not guilty on the basis that you provided the name of the driver – its an interesting issue. you have to sign the form so that the admission amounts to a confession – as you were not confessing and didn’t sign, I still think you have a defence.

Come back to me if you want my help to appeal or reopen the case.

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