Doctor Says I Am Not Fit To Drive


Hi, I am an HGV lorry driver and have recently been in hospital with blood clot on lung. Now on warfarin and have been told that I’m not suppose to drive and could cancel my insurance if have accident. Not at work at moment but would like to clear this up many thanks

Paula Says:

I am sorry and have a huge amount of sympathy with your position. You are going to have to convince your doctor and the DVLA that you are fit to drive – otherwise you will get yourself into a lot of trouble if you drive regardless I’m afraid.

You would be committing offences of driving not in accordance with your licence and without insurance – this would put you at risk of 6-8 penalty points and a hefty fine.

If your doctor says that you are fit to drive you should be able to get the DVLA to reinstate your licence.

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