Don’t Know Why It Took More Than 14 Days


Speeding NIP – 14 Days Rule

I have been sent a NIP. Date of Offence x. Issue Date of x this is clearly out of the 14 days rule. I am the owner and registered keeper and have been for almost 18 months with no registration plate changes etc…

I contacted the Ticket office concerned and was advised the force had to contact the DVLA to ascertain the owner information (why they had to do this I don’t know I thought they had access to this information via PNC and secondly why did it take so long) and as a result the ticket is exempt from this condition. Where do I stand legally?

Rob Says:

It all depends on why the police took so long to get hold of you. There is an exception to the 14 days rule if the police had trouble tracking you down. The normal reason for this is that the DVLA have the wrong details or wrong address on their system.

You are going to have to try and find out what actually caused the delay. If you can then come back to me and I will assist further I may be able to help you avoid getting points on your licence if the DVLA had the correct details.

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