I Don’t Want Three Points


I was driving 37mph in a 30mph zone. I have admitted the offence but was hoping to be offered a speed awareness course rather than points as I rely on my driving for my current and future profession and take pride in my clean licence. The police took more than 14 days to send the first notice of the offence to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

I was unfamiliar with the vehicle and the speed limit in the area as it was my first day in a new job. Do I have any hope of getting the matter thrown out because it took them more than 14 days to notify or is there any chance I can appeal for leniency in court and avoid the points?

I have never come even close to being convicted of any offence (driving or other before) and so am very keen to keep my unblemished record.

Rob Says:

If you want to argue that the NIP was defective then you will have to reject the fixed penalty ticket and take the matter to court. At court the court will decide if the NIP was defective.

If it was then you will win and avoid the points etc. If they find that it was delivered on time then you will get 3 points and extra fines and court costs.

If the NIP was defective this is a good argument and very hard for the prosecution to challenge, especially if you are a man of good character. The only risk of higher fines and court costs.

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