Drink Driving – Can I Avoid It By Doing The Maths


Doing the maths. Can you calculate alcohol units accurately?

No offence as of yet. My son has been told that if say you consume 4 pints, if you add on one hour then one hour for each pint, so now that is 5 hours, after that period you would not, in theory fail a breathalyser. I’m worried about this advice. What is your experience on these issues please?

Many thanks for your time

Dominic Says:

There are no set rules and the advice is risky to say the least.

Everybody metabolizes alcohol differently. It all depends on age, weight, height, build, sex etc etc etc.

Tell him if he follows this rule and gets stopped he may get a drink drive charge and a minimum 12 month ban if he is over the limit and the court won’t be interested in any silly advice that’s not specific to him.

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