Driver Improvement Course


Can I request to attend an advanced driving course rather than appear in court?

An independent witness says I was traveling at 90 mph but I am sure I was within the speed limit. I was on a dual carriageway and a car pulled out from the inside lane straight in front of me.

I slammed on my brakes but hit the rear nearside bumper of the first vehicle then hit a second vehicle which lost control and ended up on its side in the bushes. Will the court just take the witnesses word for it that I was speeding?

Emma Says:

You can only do the course if the police offer it. It’s at their discretion.

This sounds as though it could be a serious allegation. Have you got any points already? I would be happy to help you with this matter. Was anyone hurt?

I have in the past managed to persuade the police to offer the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution after a summons has been issued.

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