Driving Licence Expired


I was issued with a Fixed penalty notice (endorsable) for driving without insurance.

When I went to surrender my licence (paper and photo) at my local police station, I was told

that my licence had expired. Until then I wasn’t aware of this, I thought that once I passed my test, that was it.

The PC kept my licence but suggested I pay the no insurance fixed penalty notice and wait for a separate summons for

driving with an expired licence.

My questions are:

1. Can I pay the no insurance fixed penalty notice as the PC suggested?

2. Does the driving with an expired driving licence summons offer the chance to pay it as a fixed penalty notice without going to court?

Dominic Says:

If I was you I would take both matters to court. You will have a special reasons argument and you may well be able to avoid the points in relation to the no insurance matter on the basis that you did not appreciate that your licence had been revoked.

Are you able to tell me why your licence was revoked? Its not clear from your email. Is it because you didn’t apply for your full driving licence after passing your test?

Are the police suggesting that your insurance was invalidated as a result of the problem with your driving licence?

Tell me more and I will be able to assist further.

If you are a new driver you will have your driving licence revoked if you take the 6 points on the insurance matter.

Come back to me if you would like my help.

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