Driving On Revoked Licence


Hello, I was pulled over by the police for driving on a revoked licence and when he checked my insurance cover there was some convictions that I didn’t declare to the insurers.

He couldn’t get the full details at the time but the officer said he will get back to me Wednesday and if it all is confirmed he will come to arrest me for the offence.

I am extremely worried about it as I could obviously face a jail sentence. What is the normal procedure and what would likely happen? Thank you

Paula Says:

You won’t face jail unless you deliberately misled the insurance company. You should be able to make a statutory declaration to get any points that you didn’t know about and convictions overturned.

The most likely case is that you have been convicted without your knowledge and that your licence was revoked because they were trying to endorse the points. The officer can only arrest you if he thinks you have committed far more serious offence or if there is a warrant outstanding maybe for non payment of fines.

You need to call the DVLA to find out if there are points on your licence that you don’t know about. If you want my help trying to set aside any previous conviction come back to me. We would have to move fast though because you have to make a statutory declaration within 21 days of finding out about the matter.

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