I Was Not Driving Without Due Care And Attention


I have been cautioned for driving without due care and attention. The night in question I was waiting at a junction to turn right. On the left of me was a stationery police car with his blue flashing lights on. He flashed his headlights for me to come out, but I didn’t so he flashed again, this time I pulled out.

He then accelerated behind me so I did the same to avoid an accident, then drove on to a safe place to pull over. There was no impact but the police are now saying I did not stop at the Junction and caused them to swerve, damaging the shock absorbers on his car.

We were both breathalysed and this was zero. I am a 60 year old pensioner and can’t afford a fine. What do I do if this is taken to court? I am completely innocent.

Emma says:

I’m afraid if you get convicted at court then you will have to pay a fine and court costs unless you defend the allegation.

The only alternative is to persuade the police/prosecution to let you do the driver improvement course as an alternative to prosecution but there is still a price to attend the course.

Come back to me if you get a court summons and I will have a look at the evidence for you for free and give my initial view on the strength of the case. I may be able to persuade the CPS to drop the case without the need for a trial.

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