Driving Without An MOT


I live in Somerset & collect vehicles for my son who has a garage in Cornwall. The cars are collected from auction sites & driven on Trade Plates. The auction sites can be anywhere in the country, but one used is located 15 miles south of my home between Somerset & Cornwall.

Am I permitted to drive such a car if it has no current MOT from the auction site to my home prior to onward journey to Cornwall or must it be driven direct to the garage site.

The car would be stored off road at my home. Would the direct drive from auction site to garage site apply in all cases irrespective of where the auction site is.

Rob Says:

The only time you can drive a car on a public road or in a public place without an MOT is if you are on the way to a pre-booked MOT test.

The offence of driving without an MOT is not endorsable and would only lead to a fine, but be careful because it could invalidate your insurance.

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