He Drove Into Me


I was involved in an RTA yesterday. A motorbike went into the rear of me. Very minor injuries fortunately to both bike driver and pillion. Damage to driver rear side of my vehicle.

Bike rider is alleging I stopped suddenly and pulled off junction onto slip road without warning, but he drove into me. I didn’t see him at all. Police were called. No caution or breathalizer at scene. When will I know if they will prosecute or would they have indicated that at the scene?

I pleaded guilty and got 3 points February for driving without due care when I was the end driver in a very low speed shunt during rush hour in a road tunnel. The car in front stopped very suddenly. We were all nose to tail. I wish I had defended it now. Solicitor said not worth the hassle just go to court and plead guilty!

Very concerned

Emma Says:

I understand your concerns.

There is a possibility that you will be prosecuted I’m afraid. The police tend to be sympathetic to motorcyclists over car drivers I’m afraid.

Having said that if he did run into the back of you and if he accepts that, then the police may decide to take no further action or even prosecute him for driving without due care.

If you want me to get involved at this stage to try and dissuade the police from taking further action against you then I will be happy to assist. Otherwise keep me informed of any developments and I will be happy to remain in the background until we know what their intentions are.

The police do not have to give you a notice of intended prosecution when an accident occurs and damage/injury is caused.

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