No Entry Sign – Fixed Penalty 3 Points


Hi I just wanted to know my rights as I got a fixed penalty ticket and 3 points for going down a no entry which only had one sign which is on the wrong side of the road

Graham Says:

If the sign does not comply with the Traffic Signs and General Directions Act then the sign is not lawful and you will have a defence.

The sign has to be lawful for you to be convicted at court. You would have to reject the ticket and ask for a court hearing to avoid these points. It will then be up to the court to decide whether or not the sign complies.

Have a look at the regulations yourself but here is an extract that will help. Its a really complex area of road traffic law so come back to me if you want my team on board and we will look at the specifics of your case in more detail.

(4) Where the relevant road has one carriageway, then signs to which this direction applies need only be placed on one side of the relevant road to indicate the point at which a restriction, requirement, prohibition (but not a speed limit) begins in the following cases –

(a) where the restriction, requirement or prohibition applies only to traffic on one side of the relevant road; or

(b) at a junction where –

(i) traffic proceeding on another road on which it is permitted to proceed only in one direction turns into the relevant road; or

(ii) the carriageway of the relevant road is less than 5 metres wide and the sign is so placed that its centre is within 2 metres of the edge of the carriageway.

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