Erratic Driving


The police have asked me to contact them, someone had phoned them concerned about my driving. Do I have to contact the police as I can not recall any incident?

Emma Says:

You do not have to engage with the police if they are asking you to attend for a voluntary interview.

However if they are suggesting that they might arrest you – for example for dangerous driving then yes you do need to engage with them.

If the police serve a formal notice on you to name the driver under section 172 Road Traffic Act 1980 then you need to name the driver at the time of the alleged offence otherwise you risk 6 points for failing to name the driver.

If you do a police interview you are entitled to be represented for free if the interview is at a police station.

Have you got any points already? If so, how many? Have there been any developments since your email? that have the police threatened you with an offence of driving without due care and attention?

Have you got any points on your licence?

Tell me more and I will be happy to assist further

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