Evicted From The Speed Awareness Course!


Photo Speed Camera x 2010 38 mph in 30mph limit.

Driver Education offered and accepted, attended on x 2010 but was evicted from class for asking awkward questions.

Immediately visited Leicestershire Police HQ at x seeking audience with Chief Constable to seek advice and enlighten ‘system’ of my situation.

Was told on telephone I would hear from relevant department – heard nothing.

On x 2010 I received not only summons but also notices of fine of £x issued in my absence and penalty points.

Same day I also received notice of arrest warrant for non payment etc and also Final Notice from DVLA to send in my driver licence etc for points.

Have written to court explaining only received on x can they please set aside, especially as I elected Driver Workshop and had paid for it.

Response is no can do, must appeal to Crown Court for set aside etc…. since out of 21 day allowed for appeal even though all of this was effected without my knowledge – have no understanding why no notices or postage were received until x nor why they all arrived on same day date.

Am I able to obtain legal aid or green form advice as to how to proceed?

I am 60 years old, disabled and on state benefit with no savings or capital, in rented accommodation.

Thanks in anticipation

Louise says:

Well I have never heard of that happening before….. That’s quite an achievement – The speed awareness course is entirely at the discretion of the police. If they withdraw the offer of disposing of the offence in that way then that is a matter for them I’m afraid.

You can try and appeal the speeding conviction but there is no real point if you accept that you were speeding at the time of the alleged offence. The only good reason to appeal a conviction is if you dispute the allegation in the first place – otherwise you risk higher fines and court costs if you lose at the Crown Court.

You wont get any public funding in relation to this case as your liberty is not at risk. You would therefore have to pay privately if you want to be represented.

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