Failing To Supply A Breath Specimen – Panic Attack


Red signal non-compliance. Police was behind. They came with breath analyzer and due to first and panic cannot use breath analyzer properly. Taken to Police station. The officer in charge said she do not think I am drunk and requested go home with car. Summons received. Guilty accepted. Again another summons received for another hearing. (Actual mistake red signal crossed only. Due to panic not properly use breath analyzer)

Dominic Says:

Sorry I don’t quite understand your question? Have you been summonsed for failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis? If you have then you are at risk of a ban for around 18 months.

You have to provide if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that you have been drink driving.

You may have a defence if you can show that you had a reasonable excuse for not providing in that you were having a panic attack. If you want my help then please tell me more.

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