Failing To Supply A Breath Specimen

Failing To Supply A Breath Specimen – Panic Attack

Failing or refusing to provide a breath specimen for analysis


I was stopped for crossing red traffic light signal, so non-compliance. Police were behind me. They came with breath analyzer but due to a thirst and a panic attack I could not use breath analyzer properly. Because of this I was taken to Police station.

The officer in charge said she did not think I was drunk and requested I go home with car. A summons was then received. Guilty accepted. Again another summons received for another hearing. (Actual mistake red signal crossed only. Due to panic not properly use breath analyzer)

Dominic Says:

Sorry I don’t quite understand your question? Have you been summonsed for failing to provide a specimen of breath for analysis? If you have then you are at risk of a ban for around 18 months.

You have to provide if the officer has a reasonable suspicion that you have been drink driving.

You may have a defence if you can show that you had a reasonable excuse for not providing in that you were having a panic attack. If you want my help then please tell me more.

Failing To Supply A Specimen For Analysis – How Long Does Endorsement Stay On Licence?


DR30 – Failing to supply a Specimen

Your road traffic offence question: What’s the earliest I can remove DR30 from my licence?

Dominic Says:

These offences can be removed from your licence after 11 years. They lose effect after 10 years. Before ten years if you get another similar conviction you get at least a three year ban.

Have you served the ban yet? Are you looking to lift the ban early? Tell me more.

Failing To Provide A Specimen For Analysis


Driving whilst disqualified, failing to give a specimen

Recently went to court and got sentenced to probation and a 3 year ban for the above offences. I was allowed to drive with a provision licence, but got in to a fight and knocked out so I jumped in to the car and drove about 100 meters up the road to get out of trouble.

At that point the police turned up and I was stood outside of the car. They arrested me for disqualified driving and failing to give a specimen, saying that a security guard gave a description of me, an also told the police that I had been hit over the head with a crash helmet.

Is there any thing I can do to get my licence back, I work as a vehicle technician and my mom is disabled, with this ban I will lose my job and home and be homeless with my mom and wife. I know what I did was stupid but had no other choice, I had to get away or would have been severely beaten.

Please can you give me advise, couldn’t the court have give me a suspended ban, could I still go back and ask for that? I do have history of driving whilst disqualified, but have not been in trouble for over 8 years. Please help me otherwise me and my family will be homeless. You know how hard it is to get a job.

Dominic says:

Did you plead guilty or not guilty at court?

You had a potential defence to driving whilst disqualified on the basis of necessity.

Why did you refuse to provide a specimen for analysis?

We would have to appeal your conviction to stand a chance of getting the ban lifted, but we would have to appeal within 21 days of conviction. When were you sentenced at court?

Tell me more.

Roadside Breath Test


How accurate are roadside breath test devices? thank you

Dominic says:

The roadside breath test gives a preliminary indication of whether someone is over the limit. If you blow positive at the roadside the officer will arrest you and take you to a police station where they can take an evidential sample to be used at court if you are charged with an offence.

What’s happened? Have you been accused of drink driving?

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