Getting DR10 Penalty Points Removed


DR10 (drink driving)

How can I clear out my drunk driving endorsement it was 6 years ago?

Dominic Says:

A DR10 endorsements stays on your licence for 11 years I’m afraid before you can have it removed. You then apply to the DVLA and ask them to remove it. The reason being is that if you get another conviction within a 10 years period the previous ban means that the minimum ban for any new offence is at least 3 years.

When Can I Have Drink Driving Taken Off My Licence?


I have read that after 5 years I can apply to court to have a DR10 taken off my licence. The conviction is over 5 years ago and I have had no offences since that time. Incidentally I was only 1mg over the limit (81mg) if this also goes in my favour. Please could you tell me whether this is feasible?

Dominic Says:

I’m afraid that drink driving offences stay on your licence for 11 years from the date of offence. They are effective for 10 of those years and if you get a conviction for a similar matter within that 10 year period you get a minimum 3 year ban.

I think you maybe confusing the rehabilitation period for the offence. You are classed as rehabilitated and the conviction is spent after 5 years if you got a fine. That’s a different issue to the ban and endorsement effects.

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