I Was Going Downhill


I received a speeding ticket via a laser gun, the police pulled me over showed me the gun saying I was doing 40mph and issued me a ticket. I was going down a slope and touched 40 but was not accelerating and was breaking when my speed picked up due to the slope.

I have had my licence since 2004 and never been issued a speeding ticket before. Is this worth appealing as I was not accelerating? If I went to court would I have to have representation the therefore be costly?

Louise Says:

It’s an offence to exceed the speed limit. It does not matter whether or not you are accelerating at the time. You have to keep below the legal limit at all times and if you don’t you can be prosecuted I’m afraid.

It’s not a defence to show that you were going downhill. If you accept that you exceeded the limit then you should take the ticket. You would get higher fines and court costs if you take it to court.

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