My Granny Was Very Ill


About 2 hours ago, I was pulled over for using my mobile phone whilst driving.

I made a call as my granny was ill and had been taken into hospital due to having repeated strokes and her blood pressure had dropped to 50 over 40 … not good!

Does this classify as an emergency? Or is there any way you can help me with this at all? I have been issued with 3 points & a £60 fine.

My licence is actually at DVLA having my address changed & updated but have 7 days to show my licence. Obviously the officer knows this & said something about court but not to worry as I won’t actually go to court.

Paula Says:

If it was a genuine medical emergency then you may have a defence. The court decides on a case by case basis but you would need to show that it wasn’t safe to stop and that you had to take the call. If you actually made the call then you may struggle.

The case will go to court if you don’t accept the fixed penalty and you cannot accept the fixed penalty if you are not in a position to produce your licence I’m afraid.

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