Harsh Decision – Permitting No Insurance


I had been given a courtesy car from the garage as my car was being fixed. I took my sister down to a road which I thought was private (The police told me it wasn’t) she drove the car for no more than 20 yards and the police came by and took the car off me.

Charged both me and my sister for offences to do with no insurance, having no L plates, driving without a licence. Although I accept these charges, I feel I didn’t set out to break them.

I didn’t think we where on public road and I simply didn’t think about insurance and how long I’d been driving. It was a spur of the moment thing that lasted no more than 30 seconds and I have never regretted anything more!

I have no previous convictions with driving or anything else for that matter and feel the punishment of revoking my licence is very extreme as I need my car to travel to and from work. Is there anyway I can keep my licence? Should my sister still continue her lessons and tests?

To top it all off I’ve just recently applied for the police, my S.E.T exam papers are on the x. Is there any point of doing them now?

This all could not have happened at a worse time, I am £1000 into my overdraft as my car cost £900 to fix. I had no car for 5 weeks and the day before I got it back this all happened. I accept the charges but still plead I did not set out to break them, I got a little to excited and didn’t think of the consequences.

How many points have you got on your licence from the last 3 years: No

How long have you been driving: 31/07/x (11 months)

Paula says:

That is harsh! They could have just given you a ticking off.

Have you checked the courtesy car insurance. Were you relying on your fully comprehensive insurance to drive it or did they supply insurance with the car? If so it will be worth checking it.

I assume that you are being accused of permitting driving with no insurance?

You are at risk of 6 points but it may be possible to persuade the court to give you a very short ban instead of the points. If you genuinely though it was a private road we maybe able to persuade the court that there are special reasons. Alternatively I think you have a reasonably good chance of arguing special reasons based on the shortness of distance driven – 20yds.

I help over 90% of my new driver clients avoid revocation and I would be happy to assist further, but obviously I charged fees for my services and I appreciate that things are tight at the moment.

Come back to me if you would like further help.

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