I Helped With A Delivery For Fish And Chips


Driving with no business insurance

I am being accused of driving without business cover on my insurance policy. I am good friends with a family named x who own a chip shop and deliver fish and chips. On the night in question I had a phone call asking if I could do them a favour and drop off a few deliveries to help out the regular driver and I would get some supper to take home for my self and my girlfriend.

If I am not being paid and I do not work there does this still class as business use and what will my penalty be if I am found guilty? Many thanks Mr O.

Paula Says:

You are at risk of 6-8 penalty points I’m afraid and a hefty fine.

You would have to prove that your insurance covered you to do this delivery and that you were not employed by the fish and chip shop.

I think that you have a reasonable defence and if this fails a special reasons argument to try and avoid the penalty points if the people at the chip shop will back you up.

I can help you with this matter. Have you got a fixed penalty offer? If you want to challenge the points then we will have to take this matter to court.

Have you got any other points on your licence? If so, how many?

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