Hiding In The Bushes Again!


How likely is it that I will get my case dismissed on production of photos that I have that one of the ’30’ signs was totally obscured by foliage. Re Coombes v DPP (2006).

Also whether the Special Constable was appropriately trained as he was ‘behind hedge’ & not wearing ‘hi-vis’ jacket.

Unlike his PC colleague which then operated another camera from the other ‘more clear’ side of the road, with a hi-vis jacket!

Louise Says:

Can you scan me a photo of the foliage? I will happy to have a look and give you my views.

If the signs are obscured then you stand a very good chance of winning at trial The knack will be to get the CPS to drop the case before then.

Officers will often hide behind bushes in order to detect speeding offences.

There is no law to state that they have to be visible. their are guidelines to suggest that speed traps should be visible in order to act as a deterrent but it is not a legal requirement and when you get to court the court will only be interested in whether or not the police can prove the speed alleged beyond reasonable doubt.

Come back to me with the photos if you would like my help.

I get over 80% of my cases withdrawn without trial – 547 out of the last 686 – so I maybe able to help you avoid having to go that far. If we succeed you will get your reasonable legal fees back.

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