Very High Speeding Offence


I’ve received a NIP for 90 MPH in a 50 zone I have 3 point on my licence already and need to drive for my job, what course of action should I take, either respond to the NIP or failure to name driver?

Louise Says:

If you fail to name the driver you will get 6 points or a discretionary ban. the CPS will try to make the court aware of the speeds involved in the original speeding matter before you are sentenced. If they get this information in the court could give you a discretionary ban for the failure to name the driver.

This would be naughty on the part of the CPS because you won’t have been accused of the speeder, but they will take the view it aggravates the s.172 offence.

If you admit to be the driver you will be at risk of a hefty discretionary ban for that speed. Have you got any points already? If you have 6 then you will be at risk of a totting ban for 6 months.

You have to decide which option to take. I always think the truth is best and that you have bitten the bullet will make the court more sympathetic to your mitigation.

Tell me more and I will be happy to assist further.

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