Husband Though He Was Covered With Insurance


I am full holder driving licence with 5 years experience national and international. I was supervising my husband who currently has provisional driving licence. I am the main driver on policy and my husband it was second driver on policy.

Yesterday my husband was stopped during my supervising. We were stopped because in police records we were uninsured which per my knowledge I purchased insurance for me and my husband and pay amount £320 for whole year. (The police officer and me) we call our insurance which is with Swinton.

During conversation with the insurance person, we find we are not insured since 1 October x which I was not aware. That situation is bring my husband to have 6 points on driving licence and £200 fine. What should we do in this case?

Paula Says:

Have you managed to find out why the insurance had lapsed? Did it lapse at the end of the year or did the insurance company cancel it early. Please try and find this out and come back to me.

Your husband will be able to avoid the 6 points if you are willing to confirm that you took responsibility for sorting out the cover.

Tell me more and I may be able to help further. If your husband wants to stand any chance of avoiding the points then he will need to reject the fixed penalty ticket and take the matter to court so we will need to know that he is going to be on a strong footing before he does that.

Come back to me with more information and I will help further.

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