Inaccurate Speed Camera


I am concerned that the temporary cameras for this temporary sped restriction for roadwork’s are not accurate.

According to my own data the time is wrong and on the second occasion I have evidence that I was 28 mins away 38 minutes earlier, which would make my average speed 45mph, they say 60mph (temporary 50mph signs in force but not very visible.

It was 2am dark and rainy I was being careful and overtaken a lot. Is there any point in my challenging a speed camera?

Louise Says:

If you are going to challenge these matters then you are going to have to cast a doubt on the police evidence to win.

The prosecution have to prove the case against you beyond reasonable doubt so the burden is very much on them. You only have to cast a reasonable doubt to win. Be careful though because if you lose you face higher fines and court costs.

If the signage was not properly displayed then you may have an additional argument.

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