Insurance Didn’t Automatically Renew


I was stopped by the police at 10am on the morning of my insurance renewal, the insurance expired at 9am, my insurance claim to have sent me a renewal notice which I have never received.

I was paying my insurance on a monthly direct debit account, and as such assumed that the insurance would be renewed automatically if I did not change any of the details of the insurance, the insurance company did not renew, they say they have evidence that they sent the renewal, and that I had to respond to continue the insurance.

The company DirectLine, now want nothing to do with me, I have had to pay £2500 to reinsure the vehicle, I am 19 years old and this was my first years insurance.

I have had no claims and no problems, the car has been taxed, MOT, and serviced, I have had not accidents or incidents and was hoping to be able to buy a new car this year as my job gave me the opportunity to do so, but as a result of this, my job is now in jeopardy.

I am now doing a different job within the company, the offer of the car has gone. I know I am guilty of the offence under the circumstances if I go to court to plead my case what are my chances of not losing my licence, not getting the 6 points confirmed?

I don’t want to lose my job.

Looking for advice.

Paula Says:

I’m afraid the court are not very sympathetic when it comes to making assumptions about insurance cover.

They will sometimes agree not to put on points on your licence (its 6-8 penalty points for this offence) but only if they feel that you have been misled or it was a genuine mistake on the part of someone else.

If you take it to court you maybe able to persuade the court to give you a very short ban rather than the points. This is the only way that you will avoid your licence being revoked.

If you would like my help come back to me. I help around 90% of my new driver clients avoid revocation. I would charge a fixed fee of £600 plus vat. This includes your representation at court.

Come back to me if I can assist further and we can have a free chat. Have you got a hearing date or a fixed penalty offer from the police?

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