Not Involved In A Motoring Accident


Failure to stop and report a road traffic accident

What is the outcome to this if there no CCTV and no witnesses with the person who reported this to be me?

Dominic Says:

The court will decide whether or not you are guilty of failing to stop and report an accident.

If you accept that you were the driver at the time of the alleged offence then this is not an admission that you have committed the offence in question. The prosecution still have to prove that you had an accident and that you caused damage and that you then failed to stop and report it.

Have you got any points already? You are at risk of 5-10 penalty points in relation to this matter and a hefty fine if convicted. You have a defence if you were not involved in an accident or if you were unaware of any damage. I help over 90% of my clients persuade the police not to take any further action in relation to these matters.

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