Laws On The Sighting Of Speed Cameras


Laws on sighting speed cameras

Hi, I just wanted to know if there is a law stating the distance between a 30 mph and a Gatso as I have just had a notice of intending prosecution as I was flashed in Rockingham, Northants.

The 30 mph sign is just round a bend on a road that changes from a single carriageway national limit to a 30 mph and the camera is sited very close to the 30 mph sign All though just before the bend there is a camera warning sign but no limit attached I hope you can advise by email or phone please

Louise says:

I’m afraid there is no set law on the sighting of speed cameras and the court will only be interested in whether or not you accept you were speeding and whether or not you were within the 30 mph limit.

There are various guidelines for the police but they are not a legal requirement.

There does not need to be a warning sign regarding the speed camera either. The only requirement is that the start of the speed limit is correctly signed.

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