Missed Fixed Penalty Offer


The police authority in question- due to an admin error- did not send me a Notice of Conditional fixed penalty Offer and have now issued a Court Summons as time is running out.

They have suggested that if I plead guilty before the trial, then the Court may treat it in the same way as a fixed penalty notice.

My question is can they do this as they have not served the correct documents on me in time and have admitted as much- thanks for any advice.. (I admitted the offence on the original form but refused their offer of a 4 hour discussion on why I should not speed…)

Rob Says:

Yes the offer of a fixed penalty ticket is entirely at their discretion I’m afraid. They never have to offer a ticket and they can withdraw the offer of a ticket if they so choose. they have given you correct advice regarding asking the court to give you a similar penalty.

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