Mistake On Ticket Is Not A Defence!!


Driving whilst using mobile phone

I was pulled for using my mobile whist driving which I admitted, when I checked my ticket I noticed that the officer has filled out my ticket wrong by stating that I have L plates on my van, I have heard that I could escape punishment because he filled it out wrong.

I don’t want to cause a fuss because I was using my phone but if this is true then I could do without the fine and points… could you help me with this please?

Paula Says:

You have been misadvised.

A mistake on the ticket is not a defence. The only defence would be to cast a doubt on the suggestion that you were using the phone at the time that you were driving.

You would need to take the matter to court and give evidence about not using the phone and back it up with phone records to stand a chance of winning, At which point the officer will attend and give evidence that you were using the phone – it will come down to whether or not you can cast a doubt.

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