Mum Didn’t Tell Me Insurance Had Lapsed


Crash with no insurance

Hi, my name is x im 22 yrs old and been driving for 4 months and had temporary insurance as second driver on my mothers insurance that ran out on x (which I didn’t realise at the time).

I then had an accident on x that wasn’t my fault with witnesses 2 prove it, the police attended the accident and said that I was insured to be driving at the time of the incident. I then called my insurance company to tell them about the incident to discover I wasn’t insured.

Please can you get back to me and let me know where I stand? Thank you.

Paula Says:

If the insurance was cancelled without your knowledge and your mum didn’t tell you and you were driving the car that you though you were insured on then you maybe able to avoid the penalty points. If you don’t you will get 6 points and your licence will be revoked.

I maybe able to get the case withdrawn without the need for you to attend court if your mum will confirm that she did not tell you that the insurance had lapsed.

Will your mum help you with this matter?

If you would like my help then come back to me. I help over 91% of my clients avoid being revoked under the new drivers act rules.

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