It Was My Mums Car


Driving without insurance.

My mum gave me a car but had it in her name. 3 weeks later I was stopped for no insurance. The same day I changed the car into my name to avoid my mother becoming involved. At the time I said it was my car and that my mum had handed it over that week, (through nerves I exaggerated the truth).

This is all in statement by police and has gone to court with my guilty plea through post mitigation which explains the entire truth. The car is now in my name and it is 3 months later. I am awaiting the court to write to me with a result. Will they involve my mum?

I haven’t involved her up until now as she was under the illusion I had car insurance on the vehicle. But I couldn’t afford it at the time which the court can see through my mitigation. Will they write to me now and ask for mothers details or just deal with me for owning up to no insurance when stopped?

If the case is adjourned will it be that they will ask me face to face more about my mother? Or just disqualification?

Paula Says:

If your mum has not been summonsed for permitting you to drive without insurance then she should be fine. It’s unlikely they will think about sending her a summons this long after the event. You should phone the court to get the result of your case.

Have you got any points already or are you a new driver? If so your licence will be revoked by the DVLA because you will get between 6-8 points I’m afraid.

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