New Car – Didn’t Know The Speed Limit


I was flashed by a speed camera a few nights ago. I was driving home very late at night on an open straight of road. I did know the limit was 50mph as I drive the road often.

The car I was driving was new to me as I had only bought it a few days earlier. When the camera flash I wasn’t sure the speed I was going, it was somewhere between 80 and 100(the gaps on the speedo are quite small). My question is….. Do I have anyway of getting out of the speeding fine??

Louise Says:

The only way that you can get off a speeding ticket is to cast a doubt on the suggestion that you were speeding. Ignorance of the speed limit is not a defence I’m afraid. If you accept that you were doing 80-100 you are going to be convicted. The court will be considering banning you from driving if you were going that fast. you will not get the offer of a fixed penalty I’m afraid.

I can help you with this matter. Keep me informed of any developments. Have you got any points already? If so, how many? I will look at the evidence for you for free when the summons comes through.

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