I Am A New Driver With 3 Points Already


I have received a condition of fixed penalty notice NO x

The alleged offence is speeding at 59 mph on a motorway with a temporary restriction of 50mph. I did not honestly see the temporary ban sign and do wonder whether the device was operating correctly as the traffic was quite slow moving along this stretch.

I am a new driver who passed test in x 2009. I already have 3 points on my licence issued in x.

I am worried my licence would be automatically revoked. Is it worth attending court and trying to defend.

Louise Says:

The devices the police use are generally very reliable.

As a new driver you are going to have your licence revoked if you accept a fixed penalty in relation to this matter. You have to reject the fixed penalty and ask for a court hearing if you want to stand any chance of avoiding losing your licence.

You would have to either defend the matter or persuade the court to give you a short ban instead of the points. It wont be easy because they would not normally give a ban for such a low speed.

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