New Driver – Court Didn’t Tell Me I Would Be Revoked


I’ve got ten points on my licence, DVLA took my licence and wants me to resit my test.

Louise Says:

Are you a new driver? Did the no insurance matter lead to you getting another 6 points on top of the 10 you already had? Have you been banned by the court?

Did you accept a fixed penalty for no insurance? If so then you have to do the retest to get your licence back I’m afraid as there is no other option if you took the ticket.

Drivers Reply:

Actually I’ve only got 10 points on my licence. Before that I had 4 points I’ve been to the court they gave me 6 more and then they said I still can drive until I had 12 points on licence and they fine me £225 even I told them that I am in my first 2 years of my licence they lied to me even my partner witness this later DVLA send me the letter saying I can’t drive.

This is totally unfair if u think I can appeal against this decision which cause a downfall in my life I lost my job. Court was aware of it as well.

I passed my licence in x and I am driving for 4 years. No claims of my fault. and now the bailiff company is threatening and bullying me for not paying the fine. Please if you think there is any chance then please give me a call back

Louise Says:

I’m sorry but I don’t think the court lied to you. They just didn’t realise that you were a new driver. They were right to say that you don’t get a ban unless you get 12 points on your licence. But the DVLA haven’t banned you.

They have revoked your licence because you are a new driver and you have accumulated 6 points in the first two years of driving. The court don’t get involved in the issue of revocation and I just don’t think they applied their mind to the issue.

Tell me what went wrong with your insurance and the date that you were sentenced at court. We could appeal the sentence if you had a special reasons argument but only if you were sentenced in the last 21 days.

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