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My 18-year-old son works for Domino’s delivering pizzas in his own vehicle. He has insurance for Domestic and pleasure. Domino’s has a blanket ‘business’ insurance for delivery staff. My son was pulled over yesterday, while working, complete with uniform and sign on the top of the car and was told he wasn’t insured.

He was issued with a fixed penalty notice (Endorsable offence). On producing his documents at the police station today (Full driving licence and both insurance policies) he was told that he would get 6 points and face revocation.

Could you please advise us as to what he should do. He has only had his license for 14 months and is terrified he will lose it?

Paula Says:

If you genuinely believe you are covered by insurance you can use a special reasons argument to defend yourself.

If not you will have to make an exceptional hardship argument to try and avoid the ban. At the time of writing we succeed with these argument over 89% of the time. Come back to me if I can help further to pay the £200 fine or go to court.

Why didn’t he produce the Domino Insurance to the police? Why doesn’t he do that now to avoid the ticket?

If he accepts the ticket his licence will be revoked. If he rejects it and takes it to court on the face of it he will have a defence and he will be able to get the matter withdrawn without trial.

Would you like my help in sorting this matter of for him with the police? We should be able to persuade them to withdrawn the ticket without the issue of a court summons

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