NIP Nightmare


What do I do if I’ve received an NIP, two months and 17 days after the alleged offence took place. Thank you

Rob says:

The NIP has to be sent within 14 days of the alleged offence if you are the registered keeper of the car – if not the rule does not apply. If the police have had trouble tracking you down the rule does not apply.

Have you got any penalty points already? If so, how many?

Have you tried the NIP checker on this website.

Come back to me if you think the police have broken the rules.

Question Response:

I have no penalty points. I’ve received the NIP three months and 7 days after the alleged offence took place. I tried to write them that under section 1 road traffic act 1998 that nip shouldn’t be valid.

They have replied that I haven’t comply with their demands and that I’ll be summoned in court. The police shouldn’t have any problems to track me down as I have registered my Address with the DVLA since dec 2009. If you can offer me any assistance I’ll be much obliged.

Rob’s Answer;

It’s not about the address to which your driving licence is registered to. Its the address on the car registration document (log book). Is that address correct?

Are you the registered keeper of the car?

A failure to comply with the 14 day rule is not a defence to failing to name the driver – so name yourself if you accept that you were driving and if you still think they have no excuse for sending out the NIP late ask for a court hearing in relation to the speeding matter.

Do not refuse to name the driver – you will get 6 points and a hefty fine if you know who that was.

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