I Was Not Obstructing The Highway


Hi, I received a fixed penalty notice on my vehicle that was parked outside my house, half on the kerb. I have road tax and there was enough space for a wheelchair and pedestrians to get past. I had been away on business for 2 weeks so the car hadn’t moved and had gotten a flat tyre through a slow release puncture whilst I was away.

There is a bus stop behind the car but only for school buses and the car was directly outside my house and parked after the bus stop facing the right way in the road. There is also a spelling mistake on the ticket! It was issued by West Midlands Police, not the council. Is there any way I can contest this?

 Louise Says:

Don’t worry about the spelling mistake on the ticket that’s neither here nor there.

The only issue is whether or not the vehicle was really obstructing the road. You have to think about things like emergency vehicles and whether or not they can pass.

If you take it to court and lose you will get higher fines and court costs. If you win you wont get any fines and you will get your legal fees back.

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