Officer’s Colluding


I was pulled over by a police officer on the side of the road whilst driving, they were doing a road safety check operation where they were pulling drivers over that day.

Apparently a PCSO had radioed through to the officer’s ahead informing them I had a pink mobile phone in my right hand. Also I was apparently going round a roundabout at the same time.

When the police office had pulled me over she asked me to bring my mobile phone with me out of the car I asked her if I should bring my handsfree kit also she said no to leave it where it was I insisted she had a look which she did. I asked why I was being pulled over she had told me a PCSO ahead had radioed through that I was on my phone.

When I argued that I hadn’t she said she hadn’t seen me and she was acting on instruction from the officer ahead.

She began to right the colour and make of my phone on the back of the ticket when I asked her why she was writing the colour of my phone she then replied that it was the statement of the officer.

I felt this was wrong she said was only doing her job.

I asked her whether she was also going to write that I did have my handsfree kit present too as I felt it was wrong that she was selectively writing down what she pleased.

I took the ticked and told her I would be contesting it as I felt this was totally wrong and unfair.

I’ve now got the statement through of the two officer s although they were not together the officer which initially saw me on the phone says it was a pink mobile phone now it was a metallic silvery pink and there’s no way he could of seen that it was pink so I’m fuming that the police can lie like this.

The second officer which pulled me over who initially didn’t see me on the phone now says she seen me drop an object although I was driving directly to her ???

I’m really annoyed and confused at what I can do next.

The police should not be allowed to get away with things like this.

I must also point out that the officers were not together, one was hanging around on the roundabout and the other was 100 yards up the road.

Paula Says:

I take your point. It does sound as if the two officer’s have put their heads together whilst drafting their statements. It sounds as though the officer that claims to have first seen you has spoken to the second officer that stopped you in order to get more information about the phone itself. If you had a hands free kit then you were right to point this out to the officer that stopped you.

If you would like help defending this matter then please come back to me and I will be happy to assist further. I defend over 95% of the cases that I take on and I will be happy to help further.

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