Police Entrapment – Speeding Offence

Police officers cannot employ methods of entrapment. i.e. encouraging drivers to break the law so as to induce a prosecution / arrest. The act of hiding (often used by police officers) is often called entrapment, but that is not the case.


Can it amount to a defence of ‘entrapment’ or similar category, of excess speed from a GATSO camera if there is no signage of warning (the usual speed camera symbol) for the driver before a certain distance of the camera?

There is a sign approaching the camera about 50yds on one side of the road, but not one on the side on which I was driving.

I remember or heard from somewhere that such a warning sign formed part of the regulation of GATSO cameras. For the record, I was 7mph over the 30mph limit.

Thanking you in advance.

Louise says:

I’m afraid not.

There is no legal requirement for warning signs of speed cameras.

You can only argue entrapment if the police have actively encouraged you to commit an offence – not if you have voluntarily committed an offence.

If you accept that you were speeding then take the ticket. This argument would hold no weight at court.